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Our Products

Our suite of products manage all areas of your infrastructure including Passive Equipment, Servers, Network Devices, Databases, Desktops, Applications, and Security. This centralized monitoring leads to high availability across your entire infrastructure making you more efficient through increased uptime, reduction in time to problem resolution and by proactively managing the daily IT activities of your organization. Get to know our entire suite...

Our Company

Mass Monitoring Services provides comprehensive performance and availability monitoring solutions to small and mid-size companies across their entire IT and network infrastructure.

We focus on delivering business continuity services to organizations just like yours who simply do not have the outsourcing and staffing rquired to maintain and manage their infrastructure.

Let us worry about your IT infrastructure while you focus on your core business.


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Massmon Monitor

Perfect for companies looking to simplify their monitoring, management, and administration. Through our easy to understand dashboard - business services, hardware and software assets, servers and desktops, network devices and even applications can be proactively managed.

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Massmon Network Diagnostics

Providing real-time analysis for network and traffic utilization, bottlenecks according to users, applications, and even protocols can be resolved, understood and prevented.

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Massmon Change Management

Managing Changes and Requests in an infrastructure can be daunting. Our Tracker detects and manages change in your network and IT infrastructure so as mitigate risk and avoid negative performance impacts.

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Massmon Data Intelligence

Understanding, analyzing  and reporting on your IT infrastructure health, its performance and availability is finally made easy. Design, visualize and extrapolate the wealth of information in a manner that best serves you.

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